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Put a Fishbowl on your Website

Giveaway Prizes

Capture Visitor Emails

Build your email list, gain new customers, and increase your sales by running online giveaways.

Turn every visitor into a customer

Offer great prizes. Capture thousands of email address.

After spending so much time and money getting visitors to your website, what happens after they're gone?
With Fishbowl Prizes, capture their email address and send offers that turn your visitors into customers!

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Prize giveaways are one of the best ways to get new customers.

Build Your Email List

Offering a Prize Giveaway is the most effective way to build up your email list with new customers who are actually interested in your products.

Promote your products

Prize Giveaways allow you to show off your best products to tons of new people visiting your website and sharing on social media.

Go Viral

When your Giveaway gets shared, you turn one visitor into hundreds or thousands of new customers. Social sharing turns your customers into your sales team.

Generate Sales

Email marketing is the most effective way for businesses to generate more sales. For every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses see an average return of $44.25.

What's in an Email?


"Easily the most powerful way to collect email addresses from customers who visit your site. I received thousands of new email addresses in days. Email offers are the #1 way we sell guitars"

- Dean Zelinsky Guitars

Fishbowl Features

A Fishbowl on Any Website

Fishbowl Prizes works with any website platform. Just copy and paste a single line of code or use one of our website integrations.

Unlimited Giveaways

Collect unlimited email addresses from giveaways on any of our subscriptions plans. Plus, get the added bonus of being featured in the Fishbowl Marketplace!

Verified Emails

Every email address that you receive is a verified, opt-in address that you can trust is actually interested in your prize. No bots here!

Social Sharing

Customers who enter your draw can share it on Facebook and Twitter for additional entries, bringing a lot more attention to your prize.

Automated Draws

With Fishbowl Prizes everything is taken care of, including the draw, notifying the winners, and claiming their prizes.

Customize Your Widget

Pick your background and text colors for your widget callout. Modify the text to fit your website lingo, choose a widget theme and even inject custom CSS!

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Real World Use Cases

Whether you're a retailer, a software provider, or a restaurant owner, there are limitless ways to use your email list to help grow your business.

Fishbowl for Retailers

Retailers have been running sweepstakes and prize giveaways as a way of gathering customer contact information since the inception of mail delivery. Now that commerce has moved online, so has their communication, and naturally, so have methods to collect customer information. Fishbowl makes it easy to run a prize contest and build a list of new customers with any website platform.

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Fishbowls for Services

Services like construction, software and creative industries get some of the best response from email marketing. Building a reliable email list for service based companies is integral to informing their customers about timely promotions and gathering feedback about their operations.

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Fishbowls for Hospitality

Restaurants are the classic use case of Fishbowls. If you win a free lunch, chances are you're going to bring some paying friends along with you. Gathering customer contact information and sending appealing promotions is at the core of marketing in the hospitality industry. Every time you convert one customer, you are actually converting two or more. Using a Fishbowl Prize is the easiest way to build your customer list exponentially.


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1,000 email addresses / month

The 20K Plan

$99 /mo

20,000 email addresses /month

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